CBA - YAAFE - extension

YAAFE (Yet Another Audio Feature Extractor) - extension for the Cultural Broadcasting Archive (CBA)

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This is an extension for YAAFE (Yet Another Audio Feature Extractor), developed for music detection with the Continuous Frequency Activation feature (CFA) for the Cultural Broadcasting Archive (CBA).


This extension provides the possibility to get the output directly to the commandline for implementing it e.g. in PHP:

$cmd = ' -r 11025 --resample -f "cfa: ContinuousFrequencyActivation" wavefile.wav';

exec( $cmd, $output, $return_value);

New Features

For a list of the new features and a description see:


Before installing this extension, you have to install YAAFE!

  • Download the package and unzip
  • mkdir build
  • cd build
  • ccmake .. type 'c' for configure and 'g' for generate
  • make
  • sudo make install


either use the standard YAAFE-script to extract the new features: -r 11025 --resample -f "cfa: ContinuousFrequencyActivation" wavefile.wav

or use the adapted one to get the output directly to the commandline as JSON-encoded string: -r 11025 --resample -f "cfa: ContinuousFrequencyActivation" wavefile.wav


The CBA-extension for YAAFE is released under GNU-LGPL v3.


For questions, comments and complaints please use Issues on GitHub.

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